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About us


Parenesis Ltd. is a customer-focused IT services company specialising in data centric solutions including data analysis, data warehousing and data migration.

When we founded Parenesis we decided that we didn't just want to go to a client, do the work and leave, rather we wanted to 'encourage excellence' and leave the client in a position where they are better able to support their own ongoing needs. This means passing our knowledge on to the client allowing us to concentrate on honing our skills and remain the subject matter experts.

We offer consultants to help you with your full project lifecycle and can provide a complete solution design for you. We also offer subject matter experts in Oracle and SQL Server technologies as designers, administrators and developers.

We have experience in the Banking, Airline, Telecommunications, Law Enforcement, Utilities, Insurance and Government sectors

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At Parenesis we take our values seriously and our commitment to 'Encourage Excellence' extends beyond the workplace to trying to promote a healthy attitude towards exercise.

We sponsor a cycle club in Essex named VeloSchils Interbike and two race teams (mens and womens).

The Women's team featured in the 2016 season Matrix Fitness series televised on ITV4 and will do so again in 2017. The men's elite team is newly formed and will be taking part in the Tour of Athens as its first big event.

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If you think that we might be able to help you, contact us at: